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IsiXhosa for Psychology – Adult Interview (HPCSA Accredited)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Course Activities:

  • The Adult Diagnostic Interview
    • The patient’s personal details
    • The chief complaint & current treatment
    • Family history
    • Personal history
    • Adolescence – issues involved
    • Adulthood – past and current relationships, children, etc
    • Substance use history
    • The patient’s personality
    • Personality characteristics – feeling about past and future
    • Cognition – questions on general thought content, suicidality, thought content & insight into the problem
    • Cognition – attention, memory and abstract thinking
    • Neuro-psychological information
    • Past treatment
    • Pain assessment
    • Physical assessment
    • Extensive questions on issues the patient may have experienced during the past six months

(16 activities, each with videos and quizzes. Allow 72 hours for course completion)

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