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This is for you, the visitor to the Eastern Cape - all the phrases you will need to communicate

This is a conversation module designed for the specific use of Cedar House School

                                    CEDAR HOUSE

A Practical Conversational isiXhosa Course designed for the staff of P E College Port Elizabeth

The nuts and bolts of how isiXhosa works are explained to you in a simple, easy-to-understand manner in this module.

This is a short course designed to give you the basics of everyday conversation as a newcomer

This course comprises videos, quizzes, flash cards and glossaries of phrases by topic. These cover a wide range of topics, and upon completion, you should be able to communicate quite freely on an everyday basis.  This  module ideally functions as a prelude to any context-specific module, i.e Pharmacy, Nursing,Journalism, Education, Law, Local Government, etc.

Modules for teachers and pharmacists